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Freewheeling (Roue Libre) Ep.4
Freewheeling (Roue Libre) is our online talk show dedicated to pro cycling. In Episode 4, famous host presenter Ashley House is interviewing Loïc Bruni, 4 times MTB downhill  world champion, Martin Maes, MTB downhill and Enduro champion and Eric Cais, former pro MTB downhill rider who is now competing on 4 wheels in the European Rallye Championship.

Super League Triathlon – Hamilton Island – Day 2 Equalizer
Follow the Super League Triathlon journey from its original test event in Hamilton Island in 2017 with edge of the seat moments throughout. The Equalizer was one of the featured formats in Super League Triathlon’s inaugural event. It is a two-stage race comprising an individual cycling time trial in Stage One in the morning, and a swim-run-swim-bike-run sequence as Stage Two in the afternoon. To make it really interesting, athletes must serve a time penalty in Stage Two that is equivalent to any time lost to the winner of Stage One. The winner of Equalizer is the first athlete to cross the finish line in Part Two.

UTWT Reviews : UTWT 2019 Episode 4
Fourth Episode of our series following the 2019 Edition of the Ultra Trail World Tour. This episode is dedicated to two exceptional races on two different continents : the Madeira Island Ultra Trail on the Portuguese Island located in the Atlantic Ocean with top runners such as François d’Haene or Tim Tollefson and the Ultra Trail Mount Fuji in Japan.

The never melting story – The Film
They had never met before, but they shared the exact same dream. So the two young Frenchmen Guillaume and Manu left together for an island far from home, covered in snow, ice and white isolation: Baffin Island in Canada’s Arctic. Their ski expedition was as demanding as it was magical, after a false start that almost made the whole expedition fail from the very beginning… This film is a quest of absolute freedom, and wants to encourage other people to dream big and not to be afraid of pursuing those dreams.

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