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Global Wellness Summit 2018 – Shaping the Business of Wellness

Magic Mushrooms, and wellness are the words that launched off this years 2018 Global Wellness Summit. This year the summit took place at the Technogym headquarters, located in Cesena, Italy, the heart of the wellness valley. Technogym is a world-leading company that promotes a wellness lifestyle, in terms of health, physical fitness, and mental wellbeing. While the summit started off with the emergence of a super nutrient found in mushrooms, it soon began its discussion on the central attraction theme, Shaping the Business of Wellness. The renowned phrase La Dolce Vita was used to describe a mantra of wellness through a balance between movement, nutrition, and positive mental approach also recognized as the 3 pillars of wellness according to Nerio Alessandri, CEO of Technogym. This mantra was incorporated in many of the presentations, and it enforced a method of wellness through wellbeing and happiness. It was particularly represented in the Blue Zones presentation by Giovanni Mario Pes who demonstrated his amazing trajectory in deciphering the zones in the world with longer longevity, all with the single touch of a blue pen. Recognized now like the Blue Zones, these areas are some of the poorest regions. However have the longest longevity. This discovery demonstrated that not only nutrition and physical fitness are crucial to one’s wellbeing and health, but that happiness also has a key factor in greater longevity. This was by far my favorite message from the 2018 Global Wellness Summit, and what a better place for it to be hosted by than by the wellness valley itself. A region in the Emilia Romagna that promotes wellness culture within the community. The 2018 Global Wellness Summit was of a phenomenal experience to inform myself about the wellness trends and learn how impactful these new advancements can help the economical and social sectors of wellness.

By Elias Reyes

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