GoPro - looking for editing solution for users

The big challenge is what to do with all the video footage from GoPros, smart phones, drones and other devices. Most people have no clue how to edit all the footage into a video story that can be seen by friends and the general public. Footage usually takes up space in hard drives or cloggs up cloud storage and then eventually gets deleted. There are numerous automatic editing   APPS that can produce a very short film, but only if there is action. In any case, you still have to edit what ever is “produced”. Just like Googl translate can not be used “automatically” and still needs to be checked and proofed or the dumbest most meaningless translations can be produced. Horizons Sports TripClips may be a solution to all that footage. GoPro is headed in another direction to solve the incredible editing problem.

Read about what GoPro’s solution may be….