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Happy New Year !

We thought we might share some interesting thoughts about last year as we look forward to a stellar 2021.

Our strategy to cope with the uncertainties of 2020 was to bring more diverse sports and entertaining programmes to active people – many stuck at home.  Despite fewer Ultra–trail races due to Covid, we were able feature over half a dozen Ultra races and major cycling backstages focused on women athletes, increased the number of Triathlons races by over 600%, and presented more adventure and race films, substantially expanding the wellness and travel category. 2020 taught us a lot about what matters most. The extraordinary levels of video consumption in the midst of the pandemic give us great hope for the future. Several million more viewers worldwide now enjoy HorizonSports programming every day on all of our platforms.

Our commitment and enthusiasm for 2021 has never been greater. Five years ago, we founded HorizonSports to motivate people to be more active in nature by programming the best nature sports activities. HorizonSports is a unique platform where you can connect and view the sports you love and enjoy and get motivated for your next adventure. The mission remains the same for 2021. We are deeply dedicated to our community and excited to build an even better viewing experience this coming year. And for you subscribers out there – we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Lastly, we simply want to say thank you. We are grateful to our viewers everywhere, especially those who have been with us over the years and invest in this community with your views and commitment. We are humbled by your belief in HorizonSports and eager to bring more new activities and adventure to your lives.

As everything slowly returns to normal in 2021, we intend to continue providing you the best and most diverse nature sports and wellness contents – to be watched in between doing what you love and enjoy most.


Laurence  &  Philippe

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