HorizonSports on panel at Trento Mountain Film Festival - Industry Day

Some leading players in the field of the audiovisual market discuss the future of mountain film and present themselves to producers and filmmakers.

10.00 Meeting with the directors of the international festivals belonging to the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF). IAMF currently has 24 members: 23 festivals in the field and a museum, representing 19 countries in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

11.00 Round table with Geremia Biagiotti – Intramovies, Federico Pedroni – Rai Cinema, Roberto Bombarda – Montura, Angelo Schena – CAI film library, and Laurence Hopper – HorizonSports. Leading figures in the audiovisual sector present themselves to producers and filmmakers. Chaired by Luca Ferrario, Trentino Film Commission

Intramovies is an independent company, founded over forty years ago to support creative producers and new directors. Intramovies is an international film distributor of high-quality films from all over the world, focusing on first and second works directed by emerging talents.

Rai Cinema. A public service, market and support for Italian film. As Rai Cinema it interacts with producers. Rai Cinema purchases, produces and distributes film and television content. It has always had a central role in disseminating Italian film and is the main contact with producers in every phase of filmmaking, from screenwriting to exploitation of television rights. Over the years it has also contributed towards guaranteeing Italian cinema visibility through distribution networks, combining its objectives as a public service with the need to compete on the market. So how does it really work and how does it interact with our film production system?

Montura is a leading company at international level in the field of clothing and footwear for the mountains and outdoor activities. Through “Montura Editing”, its own “creative workshop” and publishing house, it supports the production of films in line with the company philosophy, in various forms.

CAI’s Film Centre and library, set up in 2011 following transformation of the previous central film commission into an operational structure, carries out activities to disseminate, produce and archive film on the subject of climbing, the mountains and the alpine environment. It promotes screenings at its branches, in schools and at other cultural associations present all over the country.

HorizonSports is the only Video On Demand (VOD) platform in the world for sport and wellness in the natural environment, directed at those who enjoy trekking, running, cycling, activities in the mountains and wish to live a healthy life. We are motivating the world to be more active in the natural environment.

Trentino Film Commission has been active since 2011 and operates throughout the province of Trento, pursuing three main objectives: to stimulate the local economy, promote the area and encourage the production of high-quality cultural products. To date it has supported over 160 productions, including films for the big screen, TV programmes and series, music videos, commercials and animation projects.



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