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HorizonSports internship experience by Gabriela

My experience in this internship was focused on dynamic interdisciplinary capacities which are useful for marketing purposes, specifically, to expose Horizon Sports TV to a broader audience. My purpose as an intern was to bring Horizon Sports closer to people in order to engage our audience into healthier lifestyles. We believe that an outdoor sports channel motivates people to stand out and try something new, while discovering new types of sports and new places across the globe. In a more general sense, we provide a venue for people to explore their own meaning of wellness.

This internship made me reflect about my own meaning of wellness. And wellness can be just about anything: the quality of the food you eat, how you emotionally and physically feel and even the way you relate to people –doing sports, watching films, traveling, etc. After this internship, I interpret wellness as a point of balance in life. I learned how to produce a new image for wellness, one that empowers women to get involved into outdoor sports. I shared videos and images that showed women relating to outside activities such as mountaineering, hiking, or even marathons.

As a result, Horizons Sports TV’s social media engagement increased tremendously. I helped increase their number of Instagram followers by 50% over the time of my internship. I had the opportunity to attend to Trento’s world wide famous film festival. This was a life changing event in which I had the opportunity to interview and network with the festival’s director as well as with younger film directors who had the opportunity to compete in the festival I filmed an unboxing video in which I tested an outdoor sports jacket for the prestigious sports brand Colmar and created advertisements for more female outdoor-sports products for brands such as CTR.

Everytime after I met with my mentor to discuss my progress I felt more and more motivated to try new ideas for the company and I had a great sense of empowerment. During this internship, I felt like my opinion was always taken into account and respected. My mentor would give me full freedom to perform all of my initiatives. We worked together once a week, as I enjoy traveling around the world to create new content for our latest campaigns.

I think the most important aspect of this internship was that I discovered what wellness feels like. I was constantly surrounded by creative and active individuals who enjoyed sharing what wellness meant for them. From my behalf, I learned that wellness means combining my passion for promoting social justice by empowering women to engage in healthier lifestyles, my passion for photography and videography all along with a deeper understanding of the globalization process for companies, as I studied in my Global Economics courses at UC Santa Cruz. All together, this internship helped me find what makes me happy and go out into the world as an empowered leader who accomplishes her goals.

by: Gabriela Mazzarello

Social Media & Photography intern

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