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HORIZONSPORTS, the brand-new nature sports & lifestyle TV and video platform launches its VOD offering on “WATCH IT!”

HORIZONSPORTS, the subscription based nature sports, recreation & sustainable lifestyle TV and video platform which caters to the fragmented, underserved and growing active lifestyle demographic (people who hike, run, cycle, love mountains, want to be healthy and fit….) is launching a Video on demand (VOD) offer on 22 March, on “WATCH IT!” (mobile and internet app).

Through “WATCH IT!”, HORIZONSPORTS will be available in France, Germany and soon in half a dozen countries and on several continents, reaching millions of mobile TV consumers. This will enlarge the potential reach of HORIZONSPORTS and strengthen the content offering of “WATCH IT!”.

Laurence F. Hopper, the CEO of HORIZONSPORTS said “most media is consumed on mobile devices and that is why our deal with WATCH IT! is fantastic.” Philippe Deleplace, COO of HORIZONSPORTS added, “we have been working hard to put together the most amazing Nature sports and lifestyle offering ever seen and it is great to be able to have our VOD offering available on WATCH IT!”.

HORIZONSPORTS will be delivering over 70 hours of top quality premium nature sports and lifestyle content to inspire and entertain activity minded enthusiasts around the world through ALCHIMIE’s unique subscription based digital distribution.

Nicolas d’Hueppe, CEO of ALCHIMIE said “Our platform is dedicated to all enthusiasts and that is why we are delighted to be able to offer HORIZONSPORTS since it fits perfectly with the objectives we seek for “WATCH IT!”. I have no doubt that “WATCH IT!” will benefit from HORIZONSPORTS premium content and HORIZONSPORTS will be able to reach a lot more enthusiasts”.


About HorizonSports

HorizonSports is a multilingual subscription based nature sports & sustainable lifestyle TV and video platform which caters to the growing number of people who hike, run, cycle, love mountains, want to be healthy and fit and helps improve their lives. Horizons Sports is targeting the growing 100 million European outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts (with a forward-looking gender and age balance) before going worldwide.

The Horizons Sports multi-platform subscription distribution strategy involves monetizing the video content through VOD and linear TV on cable, satellite, IPTV, OTT, mobile, VOD and Social Networks

Horizons Sports has a fresh and relevant video content offering. The programming mix is 45% sports, including trail running, kayaking, road and mountain biking, triathlon, snowboarding, skiing, climbing and more. The remaining 55% of the programming is dedicated to active lifestyle and recreation, including mountaineering, camping, hiking, outdoor technology, regional cuisine, outdoor fitness, survival, travel & adventure, nutrition and more.


About “WATCH IT!” and Alchimie – Dynamic Digital Distribution
“WATCH IT!”  is a new concept of OTT (over the top) video platform recently developed by Alchimie – Dynamic Digital Distribution. “WATCH IT!” proposes a multi-thematic offer (64 themes!) organised around a strong idea: “TV of all passions”. For only 9,99 € per month, “WATCH IT!” gives access to an incredible video library updated and constantly enriched – approximately 35 hours of “fresh” content each week. In total “WATCH IT!” offers more than 2000 hours of programs on a wide range of interests: music, sports, culture, art of living, etc. and also some marvels like MOODs TV.
Alchimie believes to have found the right formula with “WATCH IT!” as after only a few months, “WATCH IT!” has already attracted several thousand of subscribers. And above all, more than 100 right owners who have trusted Alchimie for the distribution and monetization of their creations and thus benefit from an economic model enabling them to be adequately remunerated.
Alchimie – Dynamic Digital Distribution:
For 12 years, Alchimie has changed the world of multimedia entertainment with its expertise in content distribution and monetization, such as games, music and video streaming. Alchimie aims to help creators and producers earn a fair remuneration through the distribution of their creations on all digital channels, by subscription. Whether TV programs, video or games, these productions have direct access to the most important distribution platforms (Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Telecom Operators, etc.) as well as all the tools and the marketing know-how of Alchimie which allow content to gain high visibility and be transformed into golden subscriptions.
Alchimie is thus more than 150 experts mainly based in France, Germany and Australia who collaborate with more than 100 right owners and manage around €70 million transactions every year. The company operates in more than 10 countries covering the main geographical areas. It’s different platforms attract up to 20 million unique visitors each month.


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