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The Indian Pacific Wheel Race – The film
What if you temporarily took leave from the safety of everyday life to battle through a challenge that scares you? What if your only worries were riding, finding food and water and a place to sneak a few hours of sleep? What if you forgot your self-imposed limits just to see what you were truly capable of for once? What if you were a racer at heart? Why wouldn’t you want to take on the toughest races on the planet? An extraordinary group of road cyclists race unsupported 5,500km across Australia from Fremantle to Sydney. The film is dedicated to Mike Hall who was tragically and accidentally killed 300 km from Sydney while he was leading the race.

Hiking with small kids
Susan, her husband and their two small kids (Astrid – 1,5 yrs and Alvin – 3,5 yrs) are hiking and camping in the highest mountains in Sweden. This wonderful and inspiring family trip leads them to Sweden highest mountain Helags (1797m) and also to Mittaklappen peak (1212m), Kariknallen (1050m) and Funasdalsberget (977m).

5 sports to discover Val di Fassa and San MartinoDiscover the wonders of the Dolomites between two magnificent locations – San Martino Di Castrozza and Val di Fassa introduced by top athletes from the area. They take you on an exciting and intimate trail run, downhill bike, orienteering course, mountaineering rope climb and mountain biking journey of discovery through the valleys and mountains of this famous and breathtaking area.

Series 1000 Lakes 2019

ÖtillÖ Swimrun 1000 Lakes 2019
This fourth edition of ÖTILLÖ 1000 Lakes saw the young french team “Head – Mat/Sudrunning” – Hugo Tormento & Matthieu Poullain pull away after mid-course from the other front teams for an impressive win. The first all- French winning an ÖTILLÖ World Series race. ÖTILLÖ 1000 Lakes takes place in the area of the thousand lakes (Mecklenburger Seenplatte) just 70 km North of Berlin. The more than 4000 freshwater lakes are surrounded by beautiful Beech tree forests where you feel that you are running in a tunnel of green. The race is 42km long of which 34 km are running and 8 km are swimming. 

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