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Inside my borders bike adventure, Kite Masters 2020 Ep4, Super League Triathlon Malta Women Final and Michi Wohlleben

Inside my Borders – Part 1
Michele, our backpacker friend, is forced to travel inside his Italian borders during the Covid crisis. In this episode, he takes us on a wonderful walking and biking tour of the Gran Sasso National Park, kown as “the small Tibet”. He is always smiling as he shows us some of the most difficult terrain in the Abruzzi region to discover its secrets amid incredible landscapes.

Kite Masters 2020 – Episode 4
Kite Masters is finally back in action! After months of waiting due to the Covid-19 pandemic, athletes and sports enthusiasts had the chance to return to some high-end performances and demanding racing in the 2020 Formula Kite Mixed Team Relay European Championships that took place in Ebensee – Lake Traunsee, Austria.

The First Second – Michi Wohlleben
«The higher you raise the bar the further you fall down!”. Michi language is made of very strong, singular sentences, as sharpened as his climbing style. His sentences try to define himself, without worrying about himself, by thwarting clichés… but do not succeed in really finding himself. On the other hand his words create beautiful images that show Michi’s inspiration, fluidity, and pleasure in action. Through the discovery of his goals and his gamble with the risk, Michi mixes both quest and primal pleasure.

Super League Triathlon – Malta 2019 – Women Final
Super League Triathalon is the champions league of Triathlon with only the best athletes participating. The second stage of the 2019-2020 season takes place in Malta. For the final of the stage in Malta, athletes will have to face a very demanding format : the Equalizer, made up of two stages separated by a 10 minute break. Stage 1 is an individual 4 km time trial on bike, for Stage 2, athletes will have to swim 300 m, bike 4km and run 1.6 km … Twice !

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