Llanelli, Wales Triathlon, A Colombian mountain jungle adventure, Adventure Academy Sweden and Sardinia Kiteboard world championships on HorizonSports this week.

Llanelli, Wales Triathlon 2018

The first event of the new Triathlon Super Series will take place in Llanelli on the South Coast of Wales. It is one of the UK’s most spectacular and popular Triathlon championships, challenging the nations best to take on the stunning and rugged trails that will test every bone, fibre and will in a triathletes mind and body. With junior and para-triathlon titles also on the line, a great weekend of competition and adventure lies in store.

A Colombian Mountain Jungle Adventure

No bikepacking this time for Michele but a very exciting hiking trip to discover remote parts of Colombia. Hiking from the remote city of Leticia on the border with Brazil and Peru to Bahia Solano on the Pacific Coast and then to the North of Colombia, Michele takes us through the Amazon Jungle, the Tatacoa Desert and the Palmari Natural Reserve. Discover the Pedra del Perrol, one of the biggest granite monoliths in the world, the intense canopy of the Amazonian jungle and a lot more….
Adventure Academy 2018 – Kropp challenge Sweden to Norway
In memory of alpinist Göran Kropp who did the round trip Sweden to Everest by bike, Johan took his bike and rode from his home in Sweden to Norway’s highest peak and back…..loving it all the way….
Sardinia Kiteboard Grand Slam World Championship 2018
Welcome to the 2018 Sardinia Kiteboard Grand Slam which takes place in Cagliari, the capital of the beautiful island of Sardegna in Italy. This regatta is the last event of the Kitefoil World Series which will decide the 2018 world champion from among the 59 top athletes from 17 countries.
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