Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival, Mediterranean Epic, Melaka International Marathon, Tour de la Provence and Anne-Marie Madden

The North Face Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival 2023
The highly-anticipated fourth edition of the prestigious Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival,the three-day ultra-trail running event, centered in the picturesque town of Taiping, Perak, Malaysia, attracted participants from around the globe eager to test their limits in one of the world’s ideal trail running locations.

Mediterranean Epic 2024
The Mediterranean Epic offers an UCI 4 stage race where mountain bikers enjoy mountain biking to the fullest during the route around Oropesa del Mar – Castellón (Spain). The race leads through spectacular Mediterranean mild weather and routes with a perfect combination of sea and mountain!

Melaka International Marathon 2023

Located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, Melaka is a state in Malaysia with so much on offer both for its inhabitants and tourists. Melacca City, which is its capital, has also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2008. For this first edition of the event, that would feature various distances along with the marathon one, the numbers of participants were great. A total 2766 runners representing 21 countries from all around the world descended in Melaka in order to get a taste of what this new concept is all about.

Tour de la Provence 2024
Since its creation in 2016, the Tour de La Provence has established itself as a leading sporting competition, quickly winning the hearts of cycling enthusiasts, to become an unmissable event for the return to sport. This four-day competition offers varied stages to satisfy all types of riders, whether punchers, climbers or sprinters.

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Anne-Marie Madden – The Front Line to Tree Line to Start Line.
Covering everything from the front line of current-day anaesthesiology, the discovery of toothed jelly fungus and achieving pure joy and accolades in running. We take a moment to speak with Anne-Marie Madden who has the ability and energy to do it all, with buckets of infectious enthusiasm, like most Canadians. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the real captain on the first voyage of the unforgettable Bus Run Bus and I hope you enjoy getting to know Anne-Marie some more during our great conversation.

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