Marathon des Sables 2023 - The Film, Golden Trail Series Zegama, Racing Namibia, All the Way Swimrun and Ryan Sandes

Marathon des Sables 2023 – The Film
This 37th edition of the Marathon Des Sables has been one of the most selective in the history of the MDS, the desert has given no gift to the 1085 competitors who came to face the elements. Extreme temperatures throughout the week saw 771 competitors complete the adventure. Everyone comes there for good reasons, to support a cause, to escape a too heavy daily life, to take up a challenge or quite simply to find answers to philosophical, existential questions, whatever; you never come back unscathed from this extraordinary adventure. But long before all that, 39 years ago now, a man set out alone to conquer the Moroccan desert to cross what was to become the territory of the future Marathon Des Sables.

Golden Trail World Series 2023 Episode 1 Zegama
Golden trail series consist of trail running races where the best athletes in the world are competing. GTWS consist of 6 races + final. Races will be held in Zegama (Spain), Marathon du Mont Blanc (France), Dolomyths run (Italy), Sierre-Zinal (Switzerland), Pikes Peak ascent (Colorado USA), Mammoth 26k (California, USA) and grand final il Golfo dell’Isola trail race (Italy). First stop of GTWS is in Spain, in Basque country in a small village of Zegama. It is in the northern end of the Pyrenees and It has its own language and unique culture. The race is one of the most popular in the world because of the insane crowd. Fans of trail running come every year on the famous part of the race from Sancti Spiritu segment to the Aizkorri summit to support and cheer on the runners.

Racing Namibia

The Namib Desert Race is a 7-day 250km stage race, part of the Racing the Planet 4 Desert Series. Follow along in this 9-part series documenting Jeff’s entire adventure, before, during, and after the race,  in one of the oldest deserts in the world.

All The Way
From award-winning documentary filmmaker Carl Eneroth at Sthlm Social Innovation Lab comes “All the Way”. A heart-pounding, intimate and mind expanding portrait of Swimrun team Pontus Lindberg and George Bjälkemo, as they prepare for their ultimate challenge… winning the 75 km ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Championships in the Stockholm archipelago… in trail shoes and a wetsuit.

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Ryan Sandes – Lessons from All or Nothing.
‘Everything you do shapes you and has an impact on your life’ – Ryan Sandes
13 years as a professional athlete has allowed Ryan Sandes to experience some of the highest highs and some of the most challenging experiences of his life. Amidst achievements like winning Western States Endurance Run 100 mile and crossing Nepal in a Fastest Known Time (FKT) a journey of 1504km, 70,100m of elevation gain in a time of 25 days, 4 hours and 24 minutes along a version of the Great Himalayan Trail with Ryno Griesel, working alongside various foundations and becoming a father, Ryan has spent a lot of time getting grounded by the sport of trail running.

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