Nepal the other side of things, Super League Triathlon Jersey 2018 Women Enduro, Golden Trail Series 2019 Sierre Zinal and Wreck Dive on L'Espingole

Nepal – The Other Side of Things
A unique spiritual voyage among the giant Himalayan mountains of Everest and Annapurna along ancient paths and across rivers, capturing the local beliefs to discover the marvels of an ancient mountain people in order to understand the meaning of self.

Super League Triathlon – Jersey 2018 – Women Enduro
Super League Triathlon Jersey 2018 introduced the Enduro for the first ever … If one triathlon is not enough to tackle, try three in one. (Swim – Bike – Run – Swim – Bike – Run – Swim – Bike – Run). Which athletes would best tackle this endurance challenge on technically challenging courses?

Wreck Dives on the French Riviera – L’espingole
Welcome to a new episode of our series dedicated to wreck diving on the French Mediterranean coast between Toulon and Saint Tropez. In this episode, Eric, diving instructor, takes us on L’Espingole a French counter torpedo boat which sank in 1903 after hitting a reef. The 56 m long wreck lies at 40 m depth. Discover its steel skeleton sheltering a rich fauna and flora (groupers, morays, congers …) in a magical atmosphere.

Salomon Golden Trail World Series 2019 – Round 4, Sierre – Zinal
This 31km run through the Matterhorn range is the fastest in the 2019 series, often coming down to a painful last gasp race for victory, despite the 2200 metres of climbing. The Swiss alps provide an unforgettable backdrop to this classic race. Sierre-Zinal is a legendary trail race because of its nearly five decades of history and revered athletic performances. Kilian Jornet added another chapter to the legend by breaking 16-year old course record and winning the race for 7th time.

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