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OCR World Championships, Discovering South Korea by bike, Adventure Academy Svalbard and Kitefoil World Series Pingtan on HorizonSports this week.

OCR World Championships 2018

The 2018 Obstacle Course Racing World Championship that takes place in Essex will challenge professional and amateur competitors from over 65 nations. The UK’s Jon Albon, already a multiple world champion  will be the favourite in the men’s event, while Canada’s Lindsay Webster is out to defend her crown over the 15 kilometre course. Thousands of racers will face both natural and man-made obstacles, from dizzying heights to deep water and everything in between in a spectacular three days of premiere obstacle action.

Discovering South Korea By Bike

Michele is an Italian adventurer and international bikepacker who is not afraid to go where nobody has gone before. He cycles across South Korea on parts of the 5000 km 4 River bike path – up and down steep mountains and across lush valleys, experiencing rain and mosquito hordes but also enjoying the local food and culture. He mingles with the famous pearl divers on the volcanic islands of Ulleung Do and Jegu and does a lot more on this exciting adventure.
Adventure Academy 2018 – Svalbard – An Arctic Adventure
Mythical Svalbard “summer” adventure with Marcus and Anna Helena. They travel to this remote snow covered Norwegian island half way between the arctic circle and the North Pole and bring you their incredible summer adventure – Skiing, dogsledding, hiking, camping and a lot more….
Kitefoil World Series – Pingtan 2018
Welcome to Pingtan, China, for the 2nd stop of the 2018 KiteFoil World Series and the Twintip Racing Chinese National Championships! Pingtan is the birthplace of Chinese kite surfing with its sandy beaches and fantastic wind.
This week, the world’s top kiteboarders compete here with a major typhoon on the way….
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