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Pierra Menta Ski Mountaineering, Pédaler & Découvrir – Liguria, Haute Route Oman and Raid Amazones Sri Lanka on HorizonSports this week

Pierra Menta 2019

The Pierra Menta is one of the most famous international ski mountaineering races in the world and is held every March in Arêches-Beaufort in Savoy, in the heart of Beaufortain, on the slopes of the Grand Mont in the French Alps. Racers climb over 10 000 meters, over four days, in tough climbs over and down five peaks from 2 000 to 2 687 meters high. Thousands of motivated spectators get up at dawn to line the trail with cowbells, accordions, trumpets and bells, to cheer top athletes all along the route and up the Grand Mont.

Pédaler & Découvrir Santa Margherita Liguria

Former professional cyclist Christophe Le Mevel and journalist Vincent Renault pedal to discover the beautiful Italian coastal region of Liguria and seaside resort town of Santa Margherita. The entertaining pair ride together as they talk. Vincent is on an ebike and the ex-cycling pro Christophe on a road bike. Don’t miss the beautiful scenery, learn about the great food, see the Italian Dolce Vita in action, experience cycling and lots of humour. You will want to come here with your bike and experience the pleasures of Liguria in person!
Haute Route Oman
2009 Formula 1 World Champion, Jenson Button and hundreds of amateur cyclists from all over the world traveled to Oman in order to pedal 238 kms climbing over 5500 meters over three days and compete with each other. Based in the blossoming city of Nizwa, Haute Route Oman’s first edition was a unique grueling adventure across deep canyons, with incredible views across the mountainous desert and demanding climbs in the Al Hajar mountain range with ideal riding conditions and an opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of the Sultanate.
Raid Amazones Sri Lanka
RAID AMAZONES is a women-only adventure-sports camp, mixing team multi-sport racing and local discovery that takes place in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. In Sri-Lanka, Raid Amazones provides a perfect mix of adventure, discovery, nature sports, teamwork and women power as well as social responsibility and culture awareness.
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