Spartan Race Barcelona 2018

Welcome to the fifth edition of Spartan Barcelona. A weekend of obstacle racing action with competitors taking on the brutal and iconic Spartan course. Hosting a Spartan Beast event in 2018 also doubling up as the Spanish National championships.

5 Ultra Trails – UTWT 2018 Episode 10

We discover 5 races in this last episode of the Ultra Trail World Tour 2018 season : the Ultra Trail Cape Town in South Africa on the famous Table Mountain, the TransJeju on the Jeju island in South Korea, The Most Beautiful Thing in Borneo around the Mount Kinabalu, The Javenina Jundred in the Sonoran Desert – Arizona and the Lemkowyna in the Beskid Niski Mountains – Poland.
Italy Outdoors – Running Scenery Comacchio
Discover Comacchio  swamp national park- a famous mountaineer introduces the Comacchio wetlands and lagoon national park as Paolo takes you on a run through the amazing walking /running/cycling paths to discover the mouth of the Po river where you find incredible fauna, eel farming and the biggest population of Flamingos in Italy.
Film : Transition
Natalie Berry is one of the UK’s leading female sport and competition climbers. She competed with the GB Climbing Team all over the world and has numerous podium places in both lead climbing and bouldering. Natalie is also one of only a handful of British women to have climbed the grade of 8b. Now wishing to further her experiences Natalie plans to take up traditional climbing, winter mountaineering and skiing. ‘Transition’ follows Natalie over the course of a year as she takes her first exploratory steps into a new world.
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California versus Italian Ski Resorts: One Girls’s Opinion

I am a competitive snowboarder and committed mountain lover; I take every opportunity I get in California to drive up to my favorite resort in Lake Tahoe to hit some of the best lines a snowboarder can find on the west coast. So when I decided to travel abroad to Italy for a semester, I chose a university partially based on how near it is to the ski resorts of Italy. Luckily, since coming over to Italy I have had the opportunity to go to two of the major Italian ski resorts- Cortina D’amprezzo and Canazei- and got a taste of the Euro- skiing way of life. And the differences I found may not surprise you.


Mountain Conditions

The major difference I found between the skiing in California and Northern Italy is the size of the resort and the grade of the mountain. The resorts of northern Italy are massive. Even visiting after peak season I found that I could ride different hills all day and never take the same route twice. Especially Canazei, which is part of a huge four peaks system where I spent two days trying to explore every nook and cranny and only scratching the surface.


However, I found that California has more diverse terrain to offer than both Canazei and Cortina. As a native Californian snowboarder, I spend a lot of my time on the mountain trying to find fun natural terrain like rocks, trees and cliffs to ride off of. Usually one can find a few decent powder caches on even the most crowded days in California. In Italy however, most of the rocks had been cleared and the trees cut down, leaving quick groomer conditions even in some of the less- traveled areas of the resort.



These slope differences play into the overall ski culture of the two locations. The average person skiing at Cortina or Canazei was a skier aged 25 to 60, wearing matching new snow pants and snow jacket from one of the top brands, executing perfect carves down the hill. In California there are a lot more young adults and children, a lot more beginners wearing clearly hand-me-down outfits, and a more even mix between snowboarders and skiers. Even the ski styles are different. American skiers seem a little faster and more reckless, hitting more jumps and terrain, and also wiping out more. European skiers are clean, smooth, and seem to enjoy long groomed runs. So in America I found more diverse terrain and more diverse riders, and Europe i found more homogeny of slope and skier, but the homogeny was at a high level or talent and quality.



I found that Italian skiing had a much more ‘luxury experience’ aspect to it. The first thing that clued me into this was that our first chairlift to the top of the mountain was covered and had heated seats, something that I have never seen in California. Furthermore, while resort food in California is dominated by overpriced chilli cheese fries and cheeseburgers, when we stopped for lunch at a mountaintop spot in Canazei, we got locally made Italian food served with complimentary champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Clearly the mid-day lunch stops could not be more different between the two.


Before skiing in Italy I expected to have a strong opinion about which was better. But the resort style is so different between the two that it makes it impossible to decide. I think it comes down to the skier you are. If you like fast, beautiful, groomed runs with champagne waiting for you at the end, Italy is you destination. If you like to make your day your own and invent jumps and kickers with the natural terrain, topped off by a slice of pizza and a beer, then California is for you. In the end, there’s no wrong decision.

by Jane Sadler


Ultra Pirineu 2018

Set in the Spanish Pyrenees and taking in spectacular mountain scenery and historic villages, this 110km event is the longest race in the Skyrunner World Series, with 6800 metres of ascent to challenge the competitors. A lot of things have changed since the first edition in 2009 of Salomon Ultra Pirineu, but not the winner: Jessed Hernandez was crowned again in the medieval town of Bagà, that also witnessed the first ever victory of Ekaterina Mityaeva in the Skyrunner World Series.

Climbing Lobuche East Peak – Nepal

A great option to add an additional 4 days to an Everest Base Camp trek in order to summit the peak of Lobuche East on the way back out of the Khumbu Valley. World Wide Trekking’s Trek Tip series give you an inside look at what it’s like to trek amongst some of the worlds highest mountains. Learn more at
L’Eroica 2018
L’Eroica draws its inspiration from classical cycling, from black and white images published on newspapers of the early 1900’s to the times of the Bartali and Coppi duel, to more recent times when pedal cages and shifters on the down tube where still the main option on road racing bikes. L’Eroica chose as a convention 1987 as the year to draw the line between classic cycling and modern times.
Oman Desert Marathon 2018
The Oman Desert Marathon is a race covering 165 km requiring each runner to be completely self sufficient. The six stages of the race takes runners through astonishing shapes and sizes of sand dunes, palm groves, hamlets and villages. They will pass semi nomadic tribes who still follow the Silk Route through the Oman Desert, wildlife and stunning sunsets and finish the race with an explosion of emotion when they arrive at the shores of the Arabian Sea.
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Sandman Triathlon 2018

SUPERFEET SANDMAN TRIATHLON (Welsh Super Series Round 6). One of the most unusual triathlons in the world, this event takes place on the island of Anglesey in the North of Wales. The event features a sea swim and a run in the forests and sand dunes of Newborough Warren. This year the weekend of action also hosts the final race of the Welsh Super Series.

Trekking The Upper Khumbu Valley

The Upper Khumbu Valley – from Lobuche to Mt. Everest Base Camp – is the most crucial part of your trek in the Himalayas. All the days trekking and acclimatizing on your way up the Khumbu valley culminate in this portion of the trek. Watch this video to find out exactly what to expect and learn about WWT’s strategy for getting our guests into and out of Everest Base Camp safely.
Ski Magazine – Night Ski Mountaineering Fun Race
At the foot of the Dolomites, on the Paganella mountain we cover the 11th edition of the Felice Spellini Memorial night ski mountaineering race in the beautiful Schiara della Paganella which dominates the Brenta Dolimites, lake Garda and the Adige Valley in Italy. Turn on your lights get your seal skins ready to ski up the mountain and ski down the other side…..
Walks Around Britain – Roxwell and Leigh guided busway
Andrew takes a scenic walk around the lovely village of Roxwell in Essex. Discover Essex countryside with its open green fields, ponds and farms. The second walk is an easy bimble alongside the guided busway in Leigh in the north west of England.
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The American Colin O’Brady, 33, beat Great Britain’s Louis Rudd 49, to become the first person in history to complete the 921-mile journey across Antarctica from coast to coast solo, unsupported and pulling a sled, in the first ever race across Antarctica. Congratulations!


Why do it? Why two racers? – Why not just solo it?… Well, we all need excitement – need the video story – about this very dangerous expedition. Anything can happen. Rescue will not always be possible — at least not quickly – you can’t just stop at the refueling station and take a break or quit and go home. All precautions must be taken and a team standing by 24/7 for an emergency must be assembled. We are in a rush to be the first to do something and hopefully the media attention will be there to help with sponsors and later maybe a book deal or talk circuit. There must be a business plan around every endeavor, since all endeavors start with finding funding.


In this challenge, making it a race between a Brit and a Yank creates more excitement than if it were just a solo venture. Of course, the terrain is daunting. Our hunger for adventure has no limits – except our own. When we think we have exhausted all possible first climbs, first crossings, aided, un-aided, with kite, no kite, with dogs, etc. ……There will always be someone who comes up with another brilliant first, and again we will sigh and marvel and follow the adventure. After all, we are human and in the comfort of our homes our imagination is piqued by the risks taken by others to push against what seems impossible – to make it possible.


At the Trento Film Festival, one of the most famous mountaineers in the world, Reinhold Messner, focused his panel discussion on making the impossible possible. He was the first to climb all 8k+ peaks without oxygen and at that time it seemed incredible. Nowadays so many have done it, that it is no longer news….


A decade from now, will you be putting together your kit to participate in the Race across Antarctica along with hundreds of others? I remember when the Ironman race in Hawaii first started with a couple dozen participants….doing what was thought to be impossible. Well, look where we are today. Think only of the 330km Tor de Geants endurance race in the Val d’Aosta Alps. Or of the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc (UTMB) and dozens of others.   What kinds of races will we be watching or preparing for tomorrow? Remember when marathons were a big challenge? ……

by. Laurence F. Hopper



Ski Magazine – Night snowshoe race

Back to the mountains for the new edition of Ski Magazine covering the 18th edition of the Caspolada, the traditional moonlight snowshoe race organized in the lovely Alpine city of Vezza d’Oglio in the Alta Val Camonica close to the Adamello Park, the Stelvio Park and the Pontedilegno Tonale ski area where over 4000 contestants participated in the night adventure.

Tuska Triathlon 2018

Tuska Sprint Triathlon (Welsh Super Series Round 5). Taking place in historic Porthcawl, this fast-paced and popular race is the penultimate round of the Welsh Super Series. The South Wales town of Porthcawl is sandwiched between Cardiff and Swansea and it’s a busy sea port and a popular resort in Summer time it’s also the venue for the TuskaTriathlon an event like any Coastal pursuit which can be subject to some extremes of weather and the forecast for 2018 is wind and waves lots of both an added challenge and certainly a factor that could make this event the toughest so far in this year’s Welsh Triathlon Super Series.
Mt Elbrus Climb
In this series, Dean from World Wide Trekking takes you on an exciting multi day hike to climb Mt Elbrus, highest peak in Europe (5642 m) from acclimatization in Terskol in the Mount Cheget region to the summit. This week, we have the first four episodes of one of the most beautiful hikes in the world. Get geared up!
Shanghai 10k run 2018
Welcome to Shanghai, one of the world most famous destinations were the 3rd International Shanghai Elite 10k race took place. The event feature a total of 7,000 runners -1,000 more than last year- with 6,400 competing in the 10-kilometer main race and the remaining 600 taking part in the 2K family run. In its third year, the route for the race continues to cover the ecological zone on the north side of the Suzhou Creek and passing from the beautiful and peaceful Changfeng Park. The race included a family-run as a special category, where parents and their children will struggle together to achieve their goal on the 2 km course.
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HORIZONSPORTS, the world’s Nature Sports & Wellness video platform, which is motivating the world to be more active in nature, launched on Roku® streaming players and is now available in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Mexico and various countries in Latin America.
HorizonSports is delighting outdoor enthusiasts by broadcasting a selection of adventure races, ultra-trail competitions, mountain films, mountain bike competitions, triathlons, outdoor adventure documentaries, product tests and lots more. Our approach is to blend activity at any level with wellness, balanced nutrition and being healthy. HorizonSports can be found in the Sports category in The Roku Channel store on Roku streaming players.
Laurence Fox Hopper, HorizonSports CEO, said: “Launching HorizonSports on the Roku platform is a big step in bringing nature sports and wellness programming to TV viewers worldwide in order to inspire more people to be active in nature “


HorizonSports is the only nature sports & wellness subscriber video on demand (SVOD) platform that caters to people who hike, run, cycle, love mountains, want to be healthy and more active in nature with over 500,000 unique viewers per month through a combination of SVOD platform, Android / Apple App, and through smart TVs. HorizonSports aggregates and produces the best inspiring video content from the top outdoor, sports events, lifestyle and adventure TV producers with a balance of sports and Wellness premium programming available for unlimited on demand, Live sports and streaming TV viewing. HorizonSports is also available on Watch It, Samsung TV Plus, Vewd, Pluto TV and now also ROKU. #naturesportswellness

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HorizonSports : Philippe Deleplace (

Roku is a registered trademark of Roku, Inc. in the U.S. and in other countries.


Everest Base Camp Trek

In this series, Dean from World Wide Trekking takes you on an exciting multi day hike from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp, starting from Kathmandu Lukla airport through Phakding, Monjo, Khumbu Valley, Namche, Lobuche, Kala Patthar and much more. This week, we have the first four episodes of one of the most beautiful hikes in the world. Get geared up!

Bala Triathlon 2018

The Standard Distance Triathlon (Welsh Super Series Round 4) takes place in and around the lakeside town of Bala. Llyn Tegid the largest fresh water lake in Wales, is 4 miles (6.4km) long and 0.75 miles (1.3km) wide. It is owned and managed by the Snowdonia National Park Authority and is without question one of the most scenic triathlons in the country. The Standard Distance Triathlon will consist of a 1500m open water swim, a 39km closed road cycle and a 10km run.
International Mountain Bike Rally Di Sardegna 2018
Welcome to the 7th International Mountain Bike Rally of Sardinia. After five years of stop, the International Mountain Bike Rally starts again, Arzana will be the center of action for the 3 days of the event. The rally has three stages with a total of 265 km and 7,400 meters of ascent. A certainly challenging route that will put the participants to the test. As always, the International Mountain Bike Rally of Sardinia will cross breathtaking views and uncontaminated places that only wild Sardinia can offer.
Shanghai International Marathon 2018
Welcome to the Shanghai international Marathon 2018, one of the most unique running races in Asia. This year approximately 38.000 runners from 85 countries joined this major event. This enormous number makes this marathon one of the most famous in the world. This Years Shanghai Marathon began at the Bund of Waitan and finished at the Cauldron Square of the Shanghai Stadium.
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Running is pretty simple. One foot in front of the other. But to prevent injury and increase comfort you not only need good running shoes, but you also need to know how to lace up your running shoes.

Injury risk is higher if you do not use the best way to lace up running shoes. To make sure that you feel comfortable your lacing method depends on.

  • The shape of your foot (wide or narrow foot, wide or narrow forefoot, sleepy heel …)
  • The lacing material
  • The number of lace holes on your shoes
  • The type of knot you use to secure the laces

Despite being a minor issue, getting the lacing perfectly will make a big difference in the overall comfort and support of your shoes.

You will find plenty of different ways to use classical laces depending on the specific shape of your foot (diagonal, crossed, horizontal, tight, loose …).

Bear in mind that you need more room when it comes to running. Having a compact shoe is a must; however, if you cannot flex normally or the shoe hinders you from proper toe splaying, this could affect your performance.

Make sure to ease the pressure of the lacing. Lacing that is too tight may seem to keep your feet from slipping; however, this could hinder the normal blood flow, leading to numbness and bruising in the end.

Try to flex your foot inside your shoe before hitting the course and see to it if you are comfortable enough with the interior. If not, it might be necessary to adjust the lacing system to fit your needs.

You might also prefer to use other lacing systems. On certain models, shoe manufacturers are proposing other systems than classical laces. You can also buy specific system such as Hickies, Unchain, Xpand, Snors … which add the benefit of adaptive fit and tension thanks to an elastic material.

The idea is that your lacing system adapts to the move of your foot and that you don’t need to fix the tension of your laces each time you take off or on your shoes.

By Philippe Deleplace – HorizonSports


Eiger Ultra Trail, Harricana Ultra Trail, Salomon Cappadoccia Ultra Trail – UTWT 2018 Episode 9

Three great Ultra Trails for this 9th episode of our series of Ultra Trail World Tour Magazines : the spectacular Alpine experience of the Eiger Ultra Trail in Switzerland, the beautiful Canadian nature of the Harricana Ultra Trail and finally the volcanic scenery of the highlands of Anatolia, Turkey, with the Salomon Cappadoccia Ultra Trail.

Via Francigena Bike Tour

The Via Francigena is the ancient name of the medieval pilgrim route running from northern France to Rome. It is supposed to start on the other side of the English Channel, in the cathedral city of Canterbury. Michele (Mike) our friendly bikepacker is riding the Francigena from Aosta in the northern Italian Alps to Rome; 800 km through Piemonte, Lombardia, the Appennines mountains, Tuscany and Lazio, crossing beautiful historical cities such as Pavia, San Gimignano, Siena, Bolsena …  finally arriving at St. Peter’s in Rome.
Suunto Cardiff Triathlon 2018
(Welsh Super Series Round 3)
The event returns to the iconic location of Cardiff Bay, with one of the fastest courses on the circuit attracting thousands of enthusiasts as well as elites contesting the national series titles. You will see all contestants swimming in the world famous bay, this is followed by a fantastic, fast cycle route along completely closed roads. The triathlon is rounded off with a spectacular run along the Cardiff Bay barrage. The event village and transition (one of the most beautiful and striking in the sport) will be held on Roald Dahl Plass in front of the Wales Millennium Centre.
Xterra Taiwan 2018
XTERRA Taiwan is the newest addition to the XTERRA World Tour, where amateur athletes from around the world aim to qualify for the annual XTERRA World Championship in Maui. The off road triathlon event was held in and around the stunning mountains and forests of southern Taiwan’s Kenting National Park. More than 500 participants took part in the event which not only included the full distance XTERRA race but also a short distance XTERRA triathlon as well as 5, 10 and 21km trail runs.
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