Salomon Golden Trail World series-Pikes Peak, The road to independance, ÖtillÖ Swimrun World championship and Tri-Factor Triathlon on HorizonSports this week.

Salomon Golden Trail World Series 2019
Round 5, Pikes Peak Marathon

The 2019 tour calls in Colorado, USA for this iconic challenge. The oldest race on the tour with more than 60 years of history, competitors will face the challenge of high altitude as they climb to the 14 thousand foot summit. This ascent through thin air leaves athletes already drained for a 13 mile downhill on dangerous slopes.

The Road To Independence By Olie Hunter Smart
To discover more of the story of its Independence, Olie Hunter Smart takes on an immense challenge to walk the length of India, a 4,500km journey over seven months seeking out untold stories of Independence and Partition. Olie’s route takes him over gruelling snowy mountain passes high up in the Himalayas, battling intense heat in the northern plains, and being drenched to the bone by monsoon rains as he walks through the rural heartland of the country. Following in Gandhi’s footsteps, Olie immerses himself in the culture, being invited in by so many of the wonderful people he encounters, recording shocking and heartfelt first-hand accounts of India’s struggle for freedom gained 70 years earlier.

ÖTillÖ Swimrun World Championship 2019
ÖTILLÖ, the Swimrun World Championship in the Stockholm archipelago is the original race of the new, popular and growing sport of swimrun. The 14th edition of the prestigious race sees 160 teams of two from across the globe trail running and open water swimming for 75 km across the beautiful archipelago. ÖTILLÖ is a gruelling, spectacular race, known as one of the toughest one-day races in the world.

Tri-Factor International Triathlon 2019
For a second year in a row the Tri-Factor International Triathlon is hold in the historic city of Quzhou. The Tri-Factor Asia Series was established 11 years ago in South East Asia and every year has seen it grow in popularity. As the series’ most important event, Quzhou Tri-Factor’s participants come from 12 other regional competitions. Over the year, 15,000 racers in TF events are trying to qualify for Quzhou – the most note-worthy event in the series.  To welcome the upcoming series’ grand finale, Quzhou city and TRI-Factor hold a Triathlon Day training, led by the legendary Cameron Brown, the 12-time IRONMAN world champion from New Zealand.

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