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Ski Magazine – Night snowshoe race, Tuska Triathlon, Mt Elbrus Climb and Shanghai 10k run on HorizonSports this week.

Ski Magazine – Night snowshoe race

Back to the mountains for the new edition of Ski Magazine covering the 18th edition of the Caspolada, the traditional moonlight snowshoe race organized in the lovely Alpine city of Vezza d’Oglio in the Alta Val Camonica close to the Adamello Park, the Stelvio Park and the Pontedilegno Tonale ski area where over 4000 contestants participated in the night adventure.

Tuska Triathlon 2018

Tuska Sprint Triathlon (Welsh Super Series Round 5). Taking place in historic Porthcawl, this fast-paced and popular race is the penultimate round of the Welsh Super Series. The South Wales town of Porthcawl is sandwiched between Cardiff and Swansea and it’s a busy sea port and a popular resort in Summer time it’s also the venue for the TuskaTriathlon an event like any Coastal pursuit which can be subject to some extremes of weather and the forecast for 2018 is wind and waves lots of both an added challenge and certainly a factor that could make this event the toughest so far in this year’s Welsh Triathlon Super Series.
Mt Elbrus Climb
In this series, Dean from World Wide Trekking takes you on an exciting multi day hike to climb Mt Elbrus, highest peak in Europe (5642 m) from acclimatization in Terskol in the Mount Cheget region to the summit. This week, we have the first four episodes of one of the most beautiful hikes in the world. Get geared up!
Shanghai 10k run 2018
Welcome to Shanghai, one of the world most famous destinations were the 3rd International Shanghai Elite 10k race took place. The event feature a total of 7,000 runners -1,000 more than last year- with 6,400 competing in the 10-kilometer main race and the remaining 600 taking part in the 2K family run. In its third year, the route for the race continues to cover the ecological zone on the north side of the Suzhou Creek and passing from the beautiful and peaceful Changfeng Park. The race included a family-run as a special category, where parents and their children will struggle together to achieve their goal on the 2 km course.
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