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The never melting story, Pédaler & Découvrir Quebec part II, Raid Amazones Vietnam and Formula Kite European Championships on HorizonSports this week.

The Never Melting Story
This is a self sustaining cross country ski adventure expedition across some of the most dangerous  and beautiful parts of the Canadian Arctic. The two young Frenchmen, Guillaume and Manu who had never met before, but  shared the same dream, head across treacherous terrain to Baffin Island in Canada’s Arctic. Starting from Qikiqtarjuaq, they reach Pangnirtung after 24 days, pulling a sled along Coronation glacier, and through the Penny Ice Cap near the famous Mount Asgard, Mount Thor, and other magnificent granite giants.

Pédaler & Découvrir – Mashteuiatsh Quebec part II
Our two heroes, Journalist Vincent Renault and professional cyclist Guillaume Boivin  continue their cycling trip across Quebec. They are now in Mashteuiatsh with the Innu Indian Tribe, cycling together on the shores of  Lake Saint Jean, discovering local Indian traditions, culture and cuisine. They participate in a Pow Wow, a native Indian canoe race, a strong man carry competition and more.

Raid Amazones Vietnam 2019
This unique women-only adventure-sports camp mixing team racing and local discovery  takes place in the most beautiful part of Vietnam. Raid Amazones is for adventurous and sporty women who want to experience  a perfect mix of adventure, nature sports, teamwork and women power as well as helping out the local community. 

Formula Kite European Championships 2019 – Sardegna, Italy
Welcome to the 2019 Formula Kite European Championships sailed on the emerald waters of Torregrande’s sandy beach. kiteboarding is a sustainable eco wind sport and that is why the races take place in the protected waters of Oristano Gulf’s Marine Protected Area (MPA), the second largest protected area in Italy – a vital habitat for posidonia sea grass. Here for the first time, Olympic mixed relay kitefoil racing takes place with an elite roster of the top 90 athletes-30 of them women all racing against each other. Will he or she win ?

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