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Unbreakable, a great cycling story; A long trek on the Continental Divide Trail, Rock the Parks and the film Wide Boyz II on HorizonSports this week.


A great documentary by Team Joe Barr as they support 59 year old world endurance cyclist Joe Barr as he takes on the solo 1340 mile non stop Race Around Ireland 2018. Joe Barr was the inaugural winner of the Race Around Ireland in 2009. 10 Years later he is back to try again all to raise vital funds for charity.

Mexico to Canada on the Continental Divide Trail

Mexico to Canada on the Continental Divide Trail. This is what Swedish Anders did with the 4000 € grant he received at the Explore Outdoor Fair. The Trail follows the rocky mountains through 5 states for 5 000 kilometers. It’s a 127-day adventure through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana with a great diversity of scenery such as deserts, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers to cross, wildlife… .
Rock the Parks – Best of Eat, Drink, sleep
During their trips Jack and Colton had to eat all kinds of food, find and filter water and sleep in some awkward or improvised places. You will see that life in the parks is not always a piece of cake…
Film : Wide Boyz II
After their success climbing the world’s hardest offwidth, the Wide Boyz, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, embark on their next crack climbing mission. This time their sights are set on the thinner end of the crack climbing spectrum. Their goal is the mighty Cobra Crack in Squamish BC,  considered to be the hardest finger crack in the world.
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