UTMB coverage every day, Tenerife Blue Trail, new movie trailers from the upcoming Ladek Mountain film festival and the Carpathian MTB Epic on HorizonSports this week.

UTMB coverage every day !
All the best coverage of the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc), the world’s premiere ultra trail event now taking place in Chamonix, France.  We are posting an update every evening this week followed by four fully comprehensive programs after the event ends. (DR photo Michel Cottin)

Tenerife Blue Trail 2018
This 97km race climbs from the Atlantic coast to the summit of Teide, the highest mountain in Spain and the third highest volcano in the world. Starting at midnight and with just 23 hours to complete this epic journey, competitors must climb a total of 5000 metres and cross the beautiful but treacherous volcanic landscape of Tenerife.

Movie Trailers from the upcoming Ladek Mountain Film Festival
Three new movie trailers of award winning films including addicted to altitude – dedicated to Slovak Himalaya mountaineering expeditions , Ario dream – about the expedition in the deepest cave system in the world and Bonington mountaineer – about the life of one of the world’s best-known mountaineers – Sir Chris Bonington.

Carpathian MTB Epic 2018
The Carpathian MTB Epic 2018 is the ultimate mountain bike adventure in the Land of Dracula. The 2nd edition of this wild and rugged solo-format mountain bike event is Romania’s first multi-stage event to be registered in the international calendar of the UCI. It was held at Cheile Gradistei-Fundata, an Olympic-level resort in the Transylvanian Alps.