XTERRA Adventures Lake Scanno, La Grande Odyssée 2020, Shaoxing International Marathon and wreck diving on HorizonSports this week.

Xterra Adventures 2019 Episode 6 – Xterra Lake Scanno
For over two decades, XTERRA has brought together some of the world’s fittest, toughest and craftiest endurance athletes, for a series of off-road triathlons. But it’s more than just elite triathletes who live and breathe XTERRA. For the thousands of age-group competitors, training can become a personal mission and reaching an XTERRA finish line represents a major life accomplishment. For episode six, we head to the Abruzzo region of southern Italy, and the beautiful mountain town of Scanno.

La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2020
La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc is since it’s first edition in January 2005, the annual event of the dog sled race in Europe. It is the most demanding stage race in a unique alpine setting in the world. Each year it brings together more than 50 mushers and their 500 dogs, from all over Europe, in the stunning landscapes of Savoie Mont Blanc. It is more than 50 000 spectators who live every year a unique experience, in 20 stations decorated for the occasion, by attending La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc.

2019 Shaoxing International Marathon
Welcome to one of the most unique places in china, Shaoxing. A beautiful location that combines the feel of a booming city with traditional Chinese sensibilities, expressing the long history of area. With more than 4000 bridge crossing in the city, Shaoxing is known as the river city and also features many peaceful green areas and parks. The 2019 Shaoxing International marathon was a must with many big names and famous athletes toking part in the race, honouring the event with a brilliant presentation.

Wreck Dives on the French Riviera – Le Grec
Welcome to the fourth episode of our series dedicated to wreck diving on the French Mediterranean coast between Toulon and Saint Tropez. In this episode, Eric, diving instructor, takes us to the Sagona called Le Grec. It is a 54 m long Cargo which lies flat on the bottom between 35 m and 47 m. It sank on a mine in December 1945 off the Isle of Porquerolles. The wreckage is impressive. Part of the hull is lined with gorgonians and sponges and is home to abundant wildlife.

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