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Night Trail Running Joys

More and more people are running at night on trails.  Running with headlights on a trail at night might seem daunting or uncomfortable – only for the truly daring. Why run at night when running in day light is fine. Why push the limits? Ok the pros do it in Ultra-marathons where they run non stop over 24 hours in multiday races usually starting at night or before dawn.

Is night trail running so difficult? Why at night? These were the questions that were running through my mind as I joined an evening trail run team.  I enjoyed night trail running right away and have not stopped since. You are in the woods with the wild boar and deer, you climb hills without seeing the top and then down the other side.  In day light you might feel tired looking at the top of the hill. At night it is very quiet and there are no cars on the road.  Once you are done you marvel that you ran so far and climbed so much.

You will need a good pair of trail running shoes with special soles to avoid sliding too much. Make sure they are water proof or you will have wet feet– especially in the winter when you are running through puddles, wet grass and mud. You will also need a good headlamp.  Most people just choose the cheapest headlamp and pay the “price” later when they can’t see what they are stepping into….spend more for a better/ stronger lamp that is rechargeable so that when you are descending you can see what lies ahead especially when the descent is tricky.  When with other night runners, try to keep the light aimed down and not in other peoples faces.

by Laurence Fox Hopper

Appenninica Mountain Bike Race 2019, XTERRA Adventures Mexico and two great films : The High and Dave Goes West on HorizonSports this week.

Appenninica Mountain Bike Race 2019
The Appenninica MTB Stage Race takes place along the scenic Italian Apennine ridges between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. Women and men race solo or in teams of two across 460 kilometers over seven stages, with steep climbs and technical descents, for an elevation gain of about sixteen thousand meters. 

Xterra Adventures 2019 Episode 7 – Xterra Mexico
XTERRA brings together some of the world’s fittest, toughest and craftiest endurance athletes for  off-road triathlons races that combine very challenging open-water swimming, mountain biking, and trail running. For episode seven, we head to western Mexico, and the town of Tapalpa, about five thousand feet above sea level where the athletes compete in the amazing Mexican outback.

The High
THE HIGH is a feature length documentary film about the making of the longest high altitude foot race in the world. The film follows the path of a group of extreme runners who individually decide to take part in a dangerous running experiment gone wrong. Indian race director Rajat Chauhan works against the advice of the military, his family and friends to create a race over the two highest passes in the world (above 17 500ft). 

Dave Goes West
Dave Goes West is an experimental adventure / comedy documentary about a man from Derbyshire running 10 marathons in 10 days despite his own physical limitations and lack of proper training. The story of this film began one day in the pub on a whim and bet….. 

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XTERRA Adventures Lake Scanno, La Grande Odyssée 2020, Shaoxing International Marathon and wreck diving on HorizonSports this week.

Xterra Adventures 2019 Episode 6 – Xterra Lake Scanno
For over two decades, XTERRA has brought together some of the world’s fittest, toughest and craftiest endurance athletes, for a series of off-road triathlons. But it’s more than just elite triathletes who live and breathe XTERRA. For the thousands of age-group competitors, training can become a personal mission and reaching an XTERRA finish line represents a major life accomplishment. For episode six, we head to the Abruzzo region of southern Italy, and the beautiful mountain town of Scanno.

La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2020
La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc is since it’s first edition in January 2005, the annual event of the dog sled race in Europe. It is the most demanding stage race in a unique alpine setting in the world. Each year it brings together more than 50 mushers and their 500 dogs, from all over Europe, in the stunning landscapes of Savoie Mont Blanc. It is more than 50 000 spectators who live every year a unique experience, in 20 stations decorated for the occasion, by attending La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc.

2019 Shaoxing International Marathon
Welcome to one of the most unique places in china, Shaoxing. A beautiful location that combines the feel of a booming city with traditional Chinese sensibilities, expressing the long history of area. With more than 4000 bridge crossing in the city, Shaoxing is known as the river city and also features many peaceful green areas and parks. The 2019 Shaoxing International marathon was a must with many big names and famous athletes toking part in the race, honouring the event with a brilliant presentation.

Wreck Dives on the French Riviera – Le Grec
Welcome to the fourth episode of our series dedicated to wreck diving on the French Mediterranean coast between Toulon and Saint Tropez. In this episode, Eric, diving instructor, takes us to the Sagona called Le Grec. It is a 54 m long Cargo which lies flat on the bottom between 35 m and 47 m. It sank on a mine in December 1945 off the Isle of Porquerolles. The wreckage is impressive. Part of the hull is lined with gorgonians and sponges and is home to abundant wildlife.

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Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival,XTERRA Adventures Beaver Creek, I would land in your backyard & Dolomite hiking boots test on HorizonSports this week

Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival 2019
Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival 2019 takes runners through 13KM, 25KM, 55KM and 84KM of pristine trails in Taiping with elevation gain of 400m, 1200m, 3100m and 4300m respectively. The race gives every runner a chance of a lifetime to experience different trails around the iconic Maxwell Hill. Over 2,100 runners from 35 countries competed on one of the four routes.

Xterra Adventures 2019 Episode 5 – Xterra Beaver Creek
For episode five of our XTERRA Adventure series, we head to Colorado, and the stunning ski resort of Beaver Creek, located 8,000 feet above sea level in the Rocky Mountains. It is here that Josiah Middaugh, the greatest American XTERRA athlete in history and the 2015 world champion, live, trains and thrives.But it’s more than just elite triathletes who live and breathe XTERRA. For the thousands of age-group competitors; training can become a personal mission and reaching an XTERRA finish line represents a major life accomplishment.

Julia tests Dolomite Cinquantaquattro GTX W hiking boots
Julia unboxes over lake Garda and describes her reactions to the GTX made for women hiking boots before putting them on and testing in all kinds of weather conditions. She treks in autumn up lakeside mountains among Olive trees, up snow covered hills and paths, climbs up a tree and hikes in the snow at the foot of the magnificent Dolomites. Entertaining and informative.

I would Land in your Backyard!
“I would Land in your Backyard! / J’irai Atterrir chez Vous!” – By launching his challenge of crossing the Alps in Vol-Bivouac mode, Antoine Boisselier left with his paraglider in the footsteps of Didier Favre with the desire, like him, to share the adventure with the greatest number! The Vol-Bivouac as he designed it, is a journey with the winds, a journey alternating mountain hikes, big distances XC flights but also and especially a human adventure made of encounters. But getting help from people for housing and food is not always easy, as well as travelling the 750 km from St Hilaire du Touvet in France to the Adriatic Sea.

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Oman Desert Marathon, XTERRA Adventures France, Shanghai Elite 10K race and Fly The Alps – The Film on HorizonSports this week.

Oman Desert Marathon 2019
Welcome to Oman one of the most picturesque countries on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. For six days, runners from around the world run a unique adventure across the Omani desert! The 2019 Oman desert Marathon is one of the most famous ultra marathons. It is a totally self-sufficient footrace starting from the oasis of Bidiyah and after 6 stages and 165km finishes on the shore of the Arabian sea.

Xterra Adventures 2019 Episode 4 – Xterra France
For this episode, we head to northeastern France, and the Vosges mountain region. XTERRA France was the ninth of 14 stops on the 2019 XTERRA European Tour and an important gold-scoring event that attracted the best amateur and professional off-road triathletes from around the world. For the 10th time, the event was staged at the beautiful lake of Longemer in northeastern France where huge crowds come out to watch thousands of competitors take on the XTERRA challenge.

Fly The Alps – The Film
Fly the Alps is about a trip of two good old friends Ludo and Nico who set off on an adventure through the Alps. Because they can experience challenges close to home they decided to paraglide from Slovenia to Monaco. To spice up the experience a little they also climb the highest summits of each of the seven countries they fly over. Adventure, team spirit and pushing yourself to the limit are the magic of this documentary.

2019 Shanghai International Elite 10k Race
Welcome to Shanghai, Chinas most famous destination. Shanghai is well known for the growing running community. With Marathons, half marathons and short distance running hosted each year in this city, it is in the spotlight for runners globally. For the 2019 edition of the international Elite 10k Race, there has been an increased number of participants with 6000 runners attending.

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Why do we bike – The Film, Xterra Adventures Episode 2 – Greece, Kite Masters Episode 5 and MB Race 2019 on HorizonSports this week.

Why Do We Bike
Why do so many people, so different in age, background, and profession, want to bike hike so many kilometers far away from home? A road movie across Europe depicting a mosaic of encounters about life, doubts and projects of common people who have chosen the two wheels to search their “path”. An escape from reality or a new way to grow up and live more freely?

MB Race 2019
The MB RACE has existed since 2010. This demanding and breathtaking mountain bike race takes place in the Mont-Blanc region and the Val d´Arly (Combloux, Megève, La Giettaz, Cordon, Sallanches). It stands out in the mountain biking panorama because it is the only one that displays a one-day event with such a long distance: 140 km with 7000 meters of elevation gain. A race that counted only 1 finisher out of 600 runners in 2010, which earned it the label of most difficult race in the world!

Xterra Adventures 2019 Episode 2 – Xterra Greece
The seventh-annual XTERRA Greece off-road triathlon took place in a seaside suburb of Athens named Vouliagmeni. This was the second of 14 majors on the 2019 XTERRA European Tour and had attracted a strong field of elites including the reigning Tour Champs – Francois Carloni and Carina Wasle – the returning men’s elite champion Arthur Forissier, and the current XTERRA women’s World Champion, Lesley Paterson.

Kite Masters 2019 Episode 5 – Italy
Welcome to another episode of Kite Masters 2019! The only series following the latest Kiteboarding action around the world. In this episode we’ll be flying back to Europe, to watch the 2019 Formula Kite European Championships in Italy, taking place in the Mediterranean track, framed by the expansive, sandy Torre Grande beach on Oristano Gulf. For the athletes from 22 countries worldwide, anticipation is high for the 2019 European Championship title race where men and women will compete separately. The men will be divided into two heats for initial qualifying races to determine which racers will battle it out in the penultimate days of the finals series.

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Stage Three

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Skye’s the limit – The Film, Xterra Adventures Taiwan, wreck dive in France on the Rubis and Kite Masters in Pingtan China on HorizonSports this week.

Skye’s The Limit
The Isle of Skye sits off the West coast of Scotland and is renowned for its beauty and wildlife. Skye’s The Limit’ documents one woman’s solo circumnavigation of the Isle of Skye on stand up paddle board. In a bid to highlight that even these wild, remote and beautiful places are vulnerable to plastic pollution, Cal Major braves 200 miles of ripping tidal races, storms and waves to journey around the island, alone, to access even the most remote beaches. With over 100,000 sea mammals and over a million sea birds killed every year as a result of plastic pollution, ‘Skye’s The Limit’ demonstrates that even wild and seemingly untouched places like this aren’t safe against this threat, but how with simple changes we can all be a part of the solution. 

Xterra Adventures 2019 Episode 1 – Xterra Taiwan
Some of the world’s best off-road triathletes descended on Kenting on the dazzling southern shore of Taiwan for the first major competition of the 2019 XTERRA season, the Asia-Pacific Championship. The race brought together elite athletes from all over the globe including South Africa, New Zealand, France, and Mexico for the first major test of a season that will culminate in the 2019 XTERRA World Championship, in October in Maui.

Wreck Dives on the French Riviera – Le Rubis
Welcome to the second episode of our series dedicated to wreck diving on the French Mediterranean coast between Toulon and Saint Tropez. In this episode, Eric, diving instructor, takes us to Le Rubis. The Ruby was a Sapphire-class mine-laying submarine which served in the French National Navy during the 2nd World War. It was decommissioned in 1949 and sunk voluntarily in 1958. The wreck of the Ruby lies flat on the sand at a depth of 42 meters off the coast of Cap Camarat. Discover this wonderful wreck which exudes a very special atmosphere. Large groupers will accompany you during the visit.

Kite Masters 2019 Episode 4 – Pingtan
Welcome to Kite Masters 2019! The series that flies you around the world, together with the very best athletes from one of the most exciting, fast, extreme and stylish sports… Kiteboarding! In this episode we are on the east coast of Fujian Province, Pingtan! The long sandy beaches and good wind conditions are placing Pingtan as a perfect venue for Kiteboarding! Pingtan is already on the calendar of the Kitefoil World Series for some years now and many athletes have competed in these waters and know what to expect. For some others is the first time here and still have to adapt. Nevertheless, Pingtan is well known for its strong winds and big waves that make a challenging race-course.

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Canada Man/Woman Triathlon, Wreck Dives on the French Riviera, Kite Masters Episode 3 and Canoe Marathon World Championship on HorizonSports this week

Canada Man / Woman Triathlon
The Canada Man / Woman is part of the XtriWorldTour world series of extreme triathlons and claims to be the ultimate long distance triathlon! It takes place in the Lac Mégantic region on a breathtaking route, in the heart of the Canadian forest and mountains, which links 3.8 km of swimming on Lac Mégantic with a departure from dawn; 180 km of cycling along the Route des Sommets (2,500 m of elevation gain); 42 km of road and trail running with an ultimate arrival at the top at the Mont Mégantic Observatory (1200 m of elevation gain)! This triathlon is one of the most intense, wildest and most beautiful in North America.

Wreck Dives on the French Riviera – L’espingole
Welcome to the first episode of our series dedicated to wreck diving on the French Mediterranean coast between Toulon and Saint Tropez. In this episode, Eric, diving instructor, takes us on L’Espingole a French counter torpedo boat which sank in 1903 after hitting a reef. The 56 m long wreck lies at 40 m depth. Discover its steel skeleton sheltering a rich fauna and flora (groupers, morays, congers …) in a magical atmosphere.

Kite Masters 2019 Episode 3 – Kite Foil Series
Welcome to the third episode of the Kite Masters Series 2019! The series that flies you around the world, together with the very best athletes from one of the most exciting, fast, extreme and stylish sports. Kiteboarding! In this Episode we are traveling on the other side of the world in Weifang China for the second act of the Kitefoil World Series and see if Toni Vodisek can keep up with his great performance beating and second fleet after Gizzeria.

2019 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championship
Shaoxing – China hosts for four days the 2019 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships in the beautiful Didang lake. Unlike Olympic sprint canoe and kayak marathon is a different discipline of the international canoe federation and it’s a complete different game. Tactics have a decisive role in the racecourse while they are not racing in lines like in sprint categories and the paddlers have to position their boat strategically within the fleet. 468 athletes from 38 countries compete in 4 main categories (Canoe and Kayak solo and for two men).

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La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont-Blanc 2019, Kite Masters 2019 Episode 2, L’Eroica 2019 and Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2019 on HorizonSports this week.

La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont-blanc 2019
La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc celebrates its 15th annual dog sled race by stages in the French alps. This year more than 50 mushers with 500 dogs, from all over Europe, race in the stunning snow covered mountains of the Savoie region around Mont Blanc. Watch this fantastic adventure through two great programs : “L’Odyssée Grandeur Nature” and “Les aventuriers de La Grande Odyssée”

L’Eroica 2019
L’Eroica draws its inspiration from classical cycling with pre 1987 bicycles, featuring black and white images published in newspapers of the early 1900’s to the era of the Bartali and Coppi duel, to more recent times when pedal cages and shifters on the down tube were still the main option on road racing bikes. This year is most exciting with classic cyclists from all over the world pedaling on Tuscan dirt roads through quaint villages and a hilly countryside. 

Kite Masters 2019 Episode 2 – Kite Foil Series
Welcome to the second episode of Kite Masters 2019, the only series following the best Kiteboarding action from around the world. In this episode we will focus on the action around the 2019 Kite Foil World Series, which is composed of four non-discard events – all the event scores will be counted. The series begins in Gizzeria, Italy and then heads to China’s Pingtan and Weifang in September for two successive, action packed events before concluding in Cagliari, Italy. 

Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2019
For over twenty years, Thailand’s beautiful Laguna Phuket has been the venue for the top triathlon in Asia. The event has attracted the sport’s legends with the likes of Jan Frodeno, Paula Newby-Fraser and Craig Alexander all racing here in the past. This year’s field includes current stars, such as Imogen Simmonds, Emma Pallant, Michael Raelert and Ruedi Wild – all travelling to this beautiful tropical island for the Laguna Phuket Triathlon.

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UTWT 2019 Episode 10 Ultra Trail Cape Town, Sandman Triathlon Wales, Dolomites Trekking Shoes test & Kite masters Episode 1 on HorizonSports this week

UTWT 2019 Episode 10 – Ultra Trail Cape Town
Last episode of the Ultra Trail World Tour 2019 which takes us in South Africa for the last event of the season : the Ultra Trail Cape Town. The very competitive, technical and fast course (100km – 4300 D+) takes the trailers through the very famous Signal Hill, Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. The men’s race sees a very strong presence of French runners including champion François D’Haene. The Episode ends with a quick season’s review and top ranking announcement.

Sandman Triathlon (Welsh Triathlon Super Series Round 6)
The final event in the series takes place on the island of Anglesey in North Wales. A sea swim and hilly bike set up the 5k technical run in the forests and sand dunes of Newborough, where the titles will be decided. Three men and three women are still in line to take top honours, one hour of racing in Anglesey will decide it

Dolomite Pro Mid GTX All Terrain Test
Shezan does an in depth review and “ feet on “  test of the mid height trekking shoe Dolomite Pro Mid GTX. From hands on unboxing to an all terrains test in grass, snow, asphalt, gravel, mud and more, Shezan will take the GTXs where owners may never dare …

Kite Masters 2019 Ep. 1 – Pascucci Formula Kite World Championship
Welcome to Kite Masters 2019! The series that flies you around the world together with the best athletes from one of the most exciting, fast, extreme and stylish sports.. Kiteboarding! For some kiteboarding is just a hobby, for others it is performance, for others it is freedom but for many it is life! In this episode, after a complete review of the series and of the history of kite boarding, we follow the action from the Pascucci Formula Kite World Championship 2019 hosted in the magnificent backdrop of Lake Garda.

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